First Weekly Vlog | Gonzalez Family Vlogs

 Hello friends, thank you for tuning into our first family vlog. This week some things we did were a lot of swimming because it was hot out. Juliana got shots to get ready for preschool. I can’t believe she’ll be off to preschool already. I went out to eat with some long time friends of mine and it turned out to be a surprise birthday dinner.


One Brush Makeup Challenge | Collab

Hello all, today I’m doing the One Brush Makeup Challenge. I have to say this was probably the longest it took me to do my make up. I maybe took about an hour to do my full face, what took the longest was applying foundation. To keep the video shorter I sped up some clips and only showed the tutorial applying makeup on one eye. You have no idea of the urge I kept getting to just blend a little with my finger like I sometimes do. I hope you guys enjoy this video don’t forget to check out everyone else’s video in the playlist above.

Have you guys done a makeup challenge before? How did it go?

DIY Wall Gallery

In today’s video I decided to change up my gallery wall with some images to inspire me, I found online. I like having a pretty space to look at while blogging or editing a YouTube video. It just makes me feel a little bit more motivated. The frames I’ve had some for years they are from Walmart, Target, and Ross. As you can see it took me a couple try’s when I was trying figure out what layout to go with. I still don’t know if I’m completely happy with it I plan to add more frames maybe 3 or 4.

I hope you all enjoy this DIY!